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divorce and family business mediation

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Divorce and Family Co-Mediation
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Mr. Gottlieb offers the following services in the divorce and family business mediation field:

    Divorce and Troubled Relationships:

    1. Divorce Settlement Mediation: full settlement mediation services - for couples, either represented by counsel or unrepresented
    2. Divorce Co-Mediation Services with Amy Gottlieb, M.A., M.F.T.: for couples working out troubled relationships or facilitating settlement in high-conflict divorces - for couples represented by counsel or unrepresented. See Divorce and Family Co-Mediation by Gottlieb & Gottlieb

    Family (and Closely-Held) Business Consulting Services:

    1. Companies with internal management, governance and/or control issues
    2. Companies with inter-generational or sibling succession, management, governance and/or control issues

About Glenn's Style

My strengths as a mediator are that I establish a natural rapport with people and am adept at listening, defusing emotional blocks and building cooperation. My focus is "getting the deal done" by fostering a positive, flexible, collaborative environment. My strengths include calm patience and gentle tenacity; the ability to discern underlying motives, feelings and agendas; integrity, establishing credibility as a neutral; creative problem-solving, people skills and sense of humor; and tailoring my approach as appropriate under the circumstances.

Divorce and Family Co-Mediation
by Gottlieb & Gottlieb

Often the use of two facilitators: one mediator, one therapist, can be extremely useful when dealing with particularly difficult emotional and practical situations. As co-mediators, the Gottliebs are able to establish a working rapport with couples in high conflict and assist them in breaking through emotional barriers, to foster the settlement of critical issues and develop creative, practical solutions that meet the parties’ crucial needs.

Amy GottliebAmy Gottlieb is a Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in West Los Angeles. She has experience in mediation having worked with a variety of populations where resolving conflict is critical. Two examples include working with both the biological and foster parents when children are temporarily removed from their homes due to unfit parenting; and working with incarcerated youth at Camp Gonzales, a county youth detention facility in Calabasas. In private practice, mediation begins the moment there is more than one person in the counseling session. So much of psychotherapy involves assisting with conflict resolution between parties. Ms. Gottlieb's work in this capacity has included mediating conflicts with couples both married and not, parents and children, business partners, and whole families. Amy's theoretical stance falls under the umbrella of the Post Modern movement in psychology. One arm of Post Modern work is called Solution Focused, and another, Collaborative Language Systems. Both derive from the most collaborative form of therapeutic work in the psychological community; a philosophical stance which naturally lends itself to the kind of mediation that is particularly respectful of both parties in any dispute. In mediation, the client is the relationship, not the individual.

Terms for Divorce and Family Mediation

No fee is charged for the initial consultation/evaluation. Divorce and family mediation sessions generally run from two to three hours. The parties should expect to participate in multiple sessions, which are generally directed to specific topics selected in advance between the mediator and the parties.
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